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Johanne Ouellet has completed extensive training in foot care and in 2015 earned the right to prescribe wound care medication. In 2016, she designed a specialized foot care training program in conjunction with the Cité Collégiale and has delivered the training since then.

Ms. Ouellet has been a trainer and speaker at a number of events and contributed to the development of the foot care infection prevention guidelines (2001−2016) in association with the AIISPQ and the OIIQ.

Our mission

We strive to offer high-quality professional care, maximize your comfort and improve your quality of life by doing everything possible to relieve your foot condition and prevent any complications.

We are dedicated to providing you with a secure care environment.

We value confidentiality and are committed to offering personalized care based on each individual’s health condition.

Wide range of services offered

Treatments for nail and skin conditions including ingrown toenails, nail dystrophy, fungal infections (thick toenails), corns, calluses and warts, cracks and fissures, etc.

Our clinic is pleased to provide specialized care for diabetic patients, including vascular and neurological assessments and guidance on preventing diabetes-related complications.

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