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Treatment of toenail fungus

This condition is caused by the growth of fungal microorganisms on or under the nail, leading to thickening and discolouration.

Potential causes include injury, excessive sweating, the use of contaminated tools, prolonged soaking, etc.

Whatever the treatment you choose, moisture control is key to achieving optimum results and preventing recurrence.

Our clinic offers several types of anti-fungal treatments, which can be personalized based on each individual’s medical and physical condition.

Treatment of nail abnormalities

Pincer nails, over-curvature, nail fold pressure, flared nails, etc.

Such conditions are frequent and can cause severe pain.

A number of factors are responsible for these conditions, the main ones being inadequate footwear, improper clipping and abnormalities present since birth.

The treatment of nail over-curvatures using the correction brace technique effectively diminishes excessive curvatures while working gradually and painlessly. Your treatment also includes guidance on proper nail clipping and maintenance to help you minimize the risk of recurrence.

Treatment of ingrown toenails

An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail edge grows into the skin. Often, a white fluid initially forms as the nail penetrates the soft tissue. As infection sets in, the fluid may turn green.

Many potential causes are involved, including improper clipping, tearing, injury at the tip of the toe, inadequate footwear, etc.

To prevent infection, it’s important to see an expert as soon as the first symptoms appear.

If infection does occur, a doctor is available to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic treatment and administer a local anesthetic if necessary.

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